The Cajun Rougarou

I am really enjoying our latest page about monsters. I am discovering so many strange and cool monsters of folklore to write about. Yay! To me, there is nothing better than having fun and learning something new while I write. So, what did I learn about today? How about a Werewolf referred to as the Cajun Rougarou.

The Rougarou is also known by some other names such as the Loup-garou, Roux-Ga-Roux, and the Rugaroo. They are all the same creature.

It is the creature of Cajun folklore and the tales of the Rougarou have been used for centuries to keep children safe and obedient. read more

The Bigfoot

Do you believe in Bigfoot, the large, hairy, man-like creature that has reportedly been seen in forested areas stretching across North America and Europe? Bigfoot is also known to be called Sasquatch in Western Canada, the United States Pacific Northwest and is referred to as a Skunk Ape in the swamps of Florida. Is it possible that there are creatures living on earth that humans do not know about? That we have not captured and studied yet? It would certainly make life a bit more interesting if it is true. Let’s take a look at what types of physical, photographic, and video evidence of Bigfoot exists.

read more

Black Ghost Knife Fish

The black ghost knife fish has one heck of a name. I am curious.  Let’s learn all about it.

First Description

The Black Ghost Knifefish is also known as Apteronotus Albifrons and was described by Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish Botanist in 1766.

Where Are They Found in Nature and What Do They Like?

They are found naturally in South America throughout the Amazon River and its tributaries. The fish likes to live in swift moving rivers with sandy bottoms. As with all knife fish, they like to have numerous hiding places. They have poor eyesight and therefore use an organ that produces an electrical field around themselves so they can detect both objects around them and any movement around them. The organ also allows them to communicate with others of their kind. Knife fish are found in dark areas and will venture into the forest areas that become flooded during the wet season. read more

Not all ghosts are spooky, some are just bugs: The Ghost Mantis

The Ghost Mantis

Phyllocrania paradoxa

See, not all ghosts are spirits some are insects. The Ghost Mantis is also known as Phyllocrania paradoxa and is a species with a leaf-like bodyAccording to the website, they are native to Madagascar and continental Africa. The Ghost Mantis can range in colouring from dark brown to tan, and even green.

Where Is My Pet?

Their appearance works as camouflage and makes the Ghost Mantis look like leaves.  In nature, their predators are insect-eating birds.  Their camouflage helps them hide from their prey as well. They hunt by sitting and waiting which makes me admire their patience. If you want to have a Ghost Mantis as a “pet” you will want to feed it flies, and small crickets. read more

The Black Mamba Snake

The Black Mamba Snake is a normal looking snake. It can be long but it doesn’t have the impressive and intimidating rattle of the Rattle Snake nor is it thick like a Boa Constrictor. Yet, they are considered the world’s deadliest snake.

Its classification name is Dendroaspis Polylepis and it is a venomous snake found in parts of southern and eastern Africa. Its first name Dendroaspis is from ancient Greek and means “snake with a shield” while the second name, Polylepis, also from ancient Greek, means “many scales”. read more