Mexican legend lechuza

Mexican Legend Lechuza The White Owl Witch also called La Lechuza is an urban legend told in many parts of northern Mexico and into Texas. The tales are numerous and most likely used to keep people from getting drunk and wandering at night, or to keep children from venturing out at night. What Does a […]


My husband’s favourite movie is The Mothman Prophecies and in this post, we are going to learn about Mothman. The Mothman is described by witnesses across the world as a man-like figure with eyes that glow red, the skin is light grey in colour, and it has large black wings that have a span of […]

The Cajun Rougarou

I am really enjoying our latest page about monsters. I am discovering so many strange and cool monsters of folklore to write about. Yay! To me, there is nothing better than having fun and learning something new while I write. So, what did I learn about today? How about a Werewolf referred to as the […]

The Bigfoot

Do you believe in Bigfoot, the large, hairy, man-like creature that has reportedly been seen in forested areas stretching across North America and Europe? Bigfoot is also known to be called Sasquatch in Western Canada, the United States Pacific Northwest and is referred to as a Skunk Ape in the swamps of Florida. Is it […]

Black Ghost Knife Fish

The black ghost knife fish has one heck of a name. I am curious.  Let’s learn all about it. First Description The Black Ghost Knifefish is also known as Apteronotus Albifrons and was described by Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish Botanist in 1766. Where Are They Found in Nature and What Do They Like? They are found […]