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Category: Guest Blogs

Haunted Realities is a paranormal and Halloween themed website. We do articles on ghosts, ghost information, stories, monsters etc. We also have a Halloween section where we review and recommend costumes, masks and props. We support writers with their work by helping them promote their work. If you are a writer wanting to get your name out there, send me an email with a small piece or your work. Or let me know of a website where your work is already published. If your work suits our paranormal theme we will publicize it. I promote this website through SEO, social media and word of mouth.
Haunted Realities is still a new website and I am not making money yet so I would not be able to pay you at this time. I will pay you by exposing your name and talent. As the website grows we could discuss future wages at that point.
This isn’t a scam or anything like that. I am a family man with a hobby I want to grow into a full time business. I am very good at promotion of the site and I get tons of exposure.

A few points:

-Please submit only original work. Please don’t plagiarize someone else’s work. It will be deleted immediately
-Please ensure spelling and grammar are correct
-The work will become the property of Haunted Realities. Your name will still be with it along with any contact information
-Any money you make from this promotion is all yours.
-We don’t accept payment from you for displaying your work
-We are not able to pay you at this time

Please let me know of any questions at