What is a Poltergeist?

What is a poltergeist? According to dictionary.com the definition of a poltergeist is:

a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises, knocking, etc.

The origin of the word can be traced back to the German word of polter to make noise, knock, rattle + geist which means ghost. The word has been around since the 1840’s.

The British Dictionary definition makes mention of the noises but also the acts of mischief a poltergeist can do such as throwing furniture around. “In the native idiom of Northern England, such phenomenon likely would be credited to a boggart.” (2017, Dictionary.com) read more

Ed and Lorraine Warren-Paranormal Investigators

Ed and Lorraine Warren are well known in the paranormal investigation field.  They have led an interesting life and in this article, we will discover what that looked like.

Ed Warren

Ed Warren was born on September 7, 1926, in Connecticut and passed away on August 23, 2006, at the age of 79. In his early life, Ed had personal experiences with what he felt was a paranormal presence in his family home. It was in his early years that he encountered what he called a ghost globule.

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What is the Ghost Emoji?

Are you confused when someone sends you the ghost emoji? Please say yes because I don’t want to be the only one that doesn’t get it. I mean look at him, if he is, in fact, a male; he has a black eye so who did he tick off enough to get punched in the face? He is sticking his tongue out; is that supposed to be silly, playful, or rude? When I look at him I automatically wave my arms in the air and say “oooooh” but is that the correct response or am I just weird? Okay, I actually know the answer to that one. My children tell me often enough that I am weird. So…what is the ghost emoji?
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Do I have a Ghost in my House?

One of the most unnerving and scary experiences you can have is when you are wondering if you have a ghost in your house. I know there are people that will immediately believe your home is haunted while others will be very sceptical. But if you are truly curious or concerned about your home being haunted I invite you to read on to learn what you should do and what steps you can take to rid yourself of the roommate that doesn’t help with the rent or mortgage. We are here to help you figure out an answer to the question “Do I have a ghost in my house?”

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Do Cats See Ghosts?

Cats are amazing creatures that are fiercely independent, tough, and yet cuddly and playful. In this article, we hope to give you some information about cats that will be new to you. The history of cats will be discussed and so will the question of: do cats see ghosts.

Ancient Egypt and Beyond

We all know that it was the ancient Egyptians that gave cats the allusive egos that they have to this day. Cats were treated as Gods and somehow today’s domestic cats still know that and feel they should be still be treated like the royalty they believe they are. According to catsinfo.com, it has been, 4,000 years since the first cats were domesticated. The ancient Egyptians allowed cats to live in their Temples and cats were worshipped. Anyone who killed a cat would face the death penalty. read more