Are Shadow People Real?

Shadow people have different classifications made by those that study the phenomenon.  Science even has their own ideas about what shadow people really are. In this post, I will tell you about the different theories and hope to answer the question of whether Shadow People are real?

Shadow people are thought to be paranormal entities by those that work in the paranormal field. Shadow people have been a long time staple in folklore and ghost tales told throughout time.

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County Derry Ireland-A Haunting

County Derry Ireland

Today we shall venture across the Atlantic Ocean and into County Derry. County Derry is also known as County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. There are six counties in Northern Ireland, and County Derry is considered to be one of the four counties in Northern Ireland where the majority of the population identifies as Catholic. With Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom it is the Republic of Ireland that calls the area County Derry and it is the British Authorities that refer to the area as County Londonderry. read more

Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

I found myself wondering if ghosts have shadows and decided to see what I could find through researching this subject. What I discovered was that ghosts do not cast shadows but a ghost can be a shadow. Confused yet? Sorry if you are. Let me try to explain what I mean.

A ghost cannot cast a shadow because only solid objects can do that. But a ghost can be seen as a shadow. Those types of ghosts are referred to as shadow figures within the paranormal scene.

Shadow figures or shadow people have been explained through different theories within the paranormal world. One theory I found states that if you think you are seeing a shadow figure that your mind is actually filling in the blank areas to make a shape that appears to you as a human would. Shadow figures are usually seen from the corner of your eye as a quick movement. To me, this theory is discounting the existence of shadow figures and explaining them away as an over-active imagination. Therefore this theory seems too simplistic of an explanation. read more

What is Ectoplasm?

We all know the movie that mentioned ectoplasm. Let’s answer the question of “what is ectoplasm”

According to, the definition for ectoplasm is

1.Biology. the outer portion of the cytoplasm of a cell.

2.Spiritualism. the supposed emanation from the body of a medium.

The word was first recorded between 1880-1885.

According to, the definition for ectoplasm is:

1.The outer relatively rigid granule-free layer of the cytoplasm usually held to be a gel reversibly convertible to a solid. read more

Static and Ghosts

I have been researching the relationship of static and ghosts. As with most topics in the paranormal field, there are some conflicting ideas. We will delve into the different ideas in this post.

What is Static?

Static or static electricity is defined as a stationary electric charge built up on an insulating material. In other words static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative charges. According to (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), ghosts or spirits do not cause static electricity.

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