The History of Haunted Houses

I have often wondered what started the whole idea of touring a haunted house? So let’s see what I can discover about the history of haunted houses.

As Chris Heller wrote in the post, A Brief History of the Haunted House, for “the origins of the haunted house date back to the 19th-century London, when a series of illusions and attractions introduced the public to new forms of gruesome entertainment. In 1802, Marie Tussaud scandalised British audiences with an exhibition of wax sculptures of decapitated French figures, including King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Marat, and Robespierre.”

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What is a Psychic?

The subject of psychics is immense. There is a ton of information regarding not only what psychic abilities are, but how to increase your own abilities, and what you should know before visiting a psychic. Let’s explore this mysterious world and find out “what is a psychic”.

Psychic Abilities

According to a article written by Sally Painter, the following list is the different types of psychic abilities people may have.

Astral Projection-Astral projection is the ability to achieve a different level of consciousness.  This is obtained through meditation and is said to be a voluntary process. read more

Strange Things found in Homes

There are many stories out there on the internet about strange things  found in homes. Let’s get to it.

Well, that is Weird!

This first story is the thing of nightmares. Imagine the excitement that Ben and Amber Sessions must have been feeling when they purchased a home in Idaho back in 2009. They had two kids, and Amber was pregnant with their third baby. Their excitement soon turned to horror.  The nightmare part of the story begins when they started to notice snakes in the yard. Ben would remove them from the property by the bucket full. I cannot even! They soon noticed that the water from the well had a funky taste and smell too. Soon they would find out why. read more

What is a Medium?

 As I have become more and more intrigued with the paranormal, and the supernatural I have found myself wondering what is a medium?

According to Rebecca Rosen, on mediums are psychics that use their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future events of a person.  They do so by tuning into the spirit energy around that person. Rebecca Rosen uses the “clairs” to communicate with the dead, with spirit guides, and with angels.

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Is Reincarnation Real?

When you see the word reincarnation it might bring to mind Buddhist monks or Karma, but it seems that recently more and more people are beginning to believe in it.  Is this a result of the ageing baby boomers who are coming closer to facing their inevitable immortality, or are we hearing more about reincarnation as the idea of living more than once is comforting on some level?  So much for YOLO?

In this article, I will discuss the definition of reincarnation, tell you about some Doctors who have researched it, and will tell a story of a child that remembers a past life. read more