Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Can dogs see ghosts? The short answer is “probably yes”, but we don’t really know. “Tails of the afterlife” by Peggy Schmidt explains several instances of dogs interacting with and seeing ghosts. There are many instances in books and literature of interactions between ghosts and dogs.

There is an opposing theory that says it is due to their increased senses. A dog can hear 4 times the distance of ours and at higher frequencies and their sense of smell is up to 10,000 more sensitive than ours. A dog can actually smell cancer in patients. Humans have the ability to see spirits just most of us either don’t understand the feeling or choose to not “go with it”. An exception to this is mediums who can interact with spirits.

Personally, I believe dogs (and cats) can see spirits. A true story I have is:

I owned a 20-year-old condo in a city. It was well kept, small and did not have a basement only upstairs bedrooms and the main floor. I was sleeping in a room and was awakened for no reason. There were no sounds or any other reason for me to wake up. I then heard footsteps in the hallway outside of the closed door. They went down the hall and then down the stairs. My Jack Russell dog was standing up and staring at the door, he seemed concerned. I didn’t think too much of it and mentioned it to my roommate the next day. She was not even home that night. There was no one else in my condo and the neighbours on both sides of me were also not at home. True story. A few ways to tell if your pet sees something are:

A few ways to tell if your pet sees something are:

  • Barking at the wall at nothing
  • watching something invisible fly through the air
  • acting distracted while you are trying to get his attention

A dog can sense energy. ie when you are angry or upset a dog can sense it before you make any physical gestures. They are also able to tell you are home from work without seeing or hearing anything. “God, ghosts and black dogs” by Stanley Coren is another good book on this subject.

“God, ghosts and black dogs” by Stanley Coren is a good book on this subject.

When I was young on family vacations we would go across our country for 2 weeks and the dog (who always rode on the floor in a vehicle) knew when we turned the final corner in our neighbourhood to came home. Dogs just seem to know things.

The answer to whether pets can see ghosts? In my opinion, absolutely. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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