Are Shadow People Real?-From Another Universe?

Shadow people have different classifications made by those that study the phenomenon.  Science even has their own ideas about what shadow people really are. In this post, I will tell you about the different theories and hope to answer the question are Shadow People real?

Shadow people are thought to be paranormal entities by those that work in the paranormal field. Shadow people have been a long time staple in folklore and ghost tales told throughout time.

Shadow people are often reported as figures that flicker in and out of the viewer’s peripheral vision. In other words, the figure is noticed moving quickly out of the corner of a viewer’s eye.

As the author, Heidi Hollis has stated after much research and review of Shadow People she believes that they are negative, alien beings that are up to no good.

Some others that have written or spoken about Shadow People believe that the entities are evil, helpful, neutral, or extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe. However you look at it, Shadow People are freaky.

Are Shadow People Real?

Scientists have reported that Methamphetamine addicts have reported seeing Shadow People after prolonged sleep deprivation. The sightings of Shadow People by Meth addicts often involve a conspiratorial component that the people are following them or trying to harm the addict.

While researching this subject I came across an article called Shadow People: What are They? on where Stephen Wagner published his interview with Jason Offutt. Jason Offutt is the author of Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us. In the interview, Jason states that he believes that shadow people are real due to those individuals that he spoke to that had experienced them, many while they were wide awake and during daylight hours. Jason believes that science doesn’t yet have a way to prove the existence of Shadow People.

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The Hat Man

There are different types of Shadow People that are described and discussed in the book written by Jason Offutt. One type that I find particularly interesting is the Hat Man. The Hat Man is often described to be wearing an old-style hat and those that see him are not scared of him. Now, the other Hat Man Shadow figure is anything but friendly. The Hat Man that is described as wearing a fedora terrifies those that see him and they describe a feeling that the Fedora Hat Man seems to feed off the stark terror. He is also described with red, glowing eyes. The Fedora Hat Man does not fade away as a ghost would but rather he physically walks away from the encounter. The Fedora Hat Man is a malevolent spirit figure.

Are Shadow People Real?

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Jason Offutt said that he came across a number of Shadow People stories communicated by people shortly before their death. Apparently, Shadow People sometimes gather around the hospital bed of a dying person to wait for the imminent passing. I know I have heard people say that their mother, or father, or whoever spoke of seeing people waiting for them. The dying person is the only one that can see the Shadow People and do not seem to be alarmed by their presence or afraid of them either. Usually, people believe that the Shadow People are angels or other departed family members that will help the deceased on their journey to Heaven. Just as long as my Grandfather leaves his favourite Fedora off his head I will gladly allow him to accompany me when I take my final journey.


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