Animated Pennywise Clown-Review

Lifesize Animated Pennywise
Animated Pennywise Clown

Halloween is coming and we love it. We love to have fun and be scared so All Hallows Eve is one of our favourite nights. We love to decorate and find new ways to shock the neighbourhood children. The following fellow would definitely be a chilling addition to anyone’s Halloween decor.

Imagine a six-foot-tall animated Pennywise clown standing in your entryway or on your front porch! Did I mention that he is animated?


  • Pennywise is 6′ tall
  • His eyes light up
  • His arms wave
  • He speaks selected dialogue from the movie “IT”


  • Head
  • Arms
  • Feet
  • Clown Jumpsuit
  • Base & Stand
  • Motorized Body Piece
  • Balloons & Holder
  • A/C Adapter

The Good

It is PENNYWISE! The freakiest, scariest, and most terrifying clown EVER. It would be scary enough to just “see” Pennywise but this clown isn’t satisfied with that. He moves. He speaks. He has balloons.

The Bad

The A/C Adapter may not work outside of North America.

Who Would Want One?

Everyone who loves Halloween and movies.




As long as the product is:

  • unused
  • contains all pieces
  • is packaged properly
  • was purchased within 60 days ago
  • was purchased new
  • is shipped back at the expense of the sender using a trackable shipping method with delivery confirmation
  • use the packing slip that can be generated from the website

you will receive a return minus an 18% restocking fee.

How to Buy?

Click here to get this animated pennywise clown and have the best Halloween prop on the block

My Opinion

Get one. Run, don’t walk. Scare everyone. Okay, I give this a 99/100. The only way it could be better would be to have Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgard hang out in a Pennywise costume on your porch this Halloween.


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