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About Us

Hello everybody, my name is Bill and I am a horror movie and terror fan. Welcome to my website.

I have been a fan of creepy stuff ever since I can remember. When other kids were “trick or treating” as road runner and Popeye I only wanted to be a vampire or a zombie. My wife and daughter have less interest but I think my son may have a love for the darkness. I should clarify that my wife likes ghost stories and mysteries but she doesn’t watch horror movies. A jump scare will make her leave the room.10557048_768374756554286_8627317066439368946_o

I do some of the writing for the website but the majority of it is done by my wife. My wife calls herself the other half but her name is actually Val. I am the guy in charge of the maintenance of the site.

I believe there is a part of all of us that enjoys being scared. Roller coasters, huge Halloween haunted houses and even skydiving are examples of getting that rush that comes with being frightened. But there is nothing like a story or movie about a lonely graveyard with only the light of the moon to guide your way and the haze of a thick fog to hide all of the night’s secrets. A chainsaw running in the distance that is getting closer and is coming faster than you can run. Those are the tales and movies that will haunt your night’s dreams and keep you awake.

We also like to learn about real-life monsters such as those that cryptozoologists search for or serial killers. Those are the kinds of horror that can keep Val awake at night.

Let’s begin our journey. Let’s open the door.

Bill and the Other Half